Government Street Lighting and Traffic Lights

Street lighting, traffic signals and control projects

JPR has extensive experience in the design and construction of street lighting, traffic signals and control projects. We have worked on a diverse range of projects from major highways to commercial, industrial and residential subdivisions and shopping centres.

Each project is designed and constructed to the specific requirement of main roads authorities, councils, commercial and industrial clients in accordance with the applicable design standards. Street lighting projects are designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS 1158 (All categories), the Main Roads Department, various councils and Energex.

Some of our customers

Department of Transport & Main Roads
Ipswich City Council
Gold Coast City Council
Sunshine Coast City Council

We have extensive experience in a broad range of works

  • Intelligent transport systems
  • VMS / Dynamic message signals/variable speed limit signage
  • Passenger information systems (Brisbane City Council, Busways)
  • CCTV cameras (analogue and digital)
  • Digital video recording and plasma/ LCD monitors
  • Traffic signalling
  • Fibre optical cabling – backbone and patching/ splicing requirements
  • License plate recognition systems
  • Control/operations centre upgrades
  • PLC plant and gas monitoring (road tunnels and busway stations)
  • PA systems
  • Help phones
  • Public transport priority systems
  • Differential GPS systems
  • IT Architecture support
  • Communication systems
  • Two-Way radio and repeater links
  • Railway systems
  • Telemetry

Our services include

  • Design and construction of traffic systems
  • Revision of traffic flow and phasing of existing intersection controllers
  • Programmed update of traffic control systems
  • Repairs to damaged equipment for intersection signals and controllers
  • 24 hour breakdown and call-out service
  • Retrofit intersections with LED lanterns and late model controllers
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Impact Studies and Reporting – new subdivision etc
  • Signage Audits
  • Street Furniture Audits

We’d love to discuss your project

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