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We are proud of our reputation in an industry in which you’re only as good as your last job.

“I can’t speak highly enough of JPR. We’ve specified them as our preferred electrical engineering firm for over 15 years, and will continue to do so. We use them for new mill construction, general electrical, main process software, high voltage, fabrication of switchboards, supply of product – every aspect of electrical engineering. Having a reliable one stop shop is invaluable.

Not only do they have high calibre people – nothing is too much trouble for them either. In this industry, there are a lot of companies which want to work in the mines – very few have the capability, and level of quality and service to be able to do so. JPR does – they’re a well organised company who have never let us down.

Every time I get asked to refer an electrical engineering contractor, I recommend JPR – I haven’t heard one bad word back. Overall, they are exceptional service providers and we’ll be sticking with them.”

Garry Bardtholdt, General Manager.
Cape Flattery Silica Mine

“With JPR, once the contract is signed, you have confidence that the job will be done well. They’re meticulous in their approach to work, their customer service is great and are always open to discussing potential issues. When they say they’re going to do something, you know it will be done. I can’t fault their people – it’s a good team culture.

JPR is flexible – we help each other out. It’s refreshing.”

Michael Bissett, COO.
Hall Contracting

“JPR has a strong reputation in the industry. When I first started working as an Electrical Engineer, managers would invariably recommend JPR.

Having worked with them directly now, I’m impressed with their approach to all aspects of the job. Their crew are efficient, knowledgeable and easy to work with. What they promise, they deliver.

JPR is very open and upfront about what they can and cannot do – we can count on them to provide honest feedback. It’s a matter of trust. Some contractors overpromise, but when it comes to project implementation, all the issues come out. This impacts the bottom line and holds everything up.

This doesn’t happen with JPR – they understand the high standards and quality of work required by Lend Lease and they consistently deliver.”

L J Radjenovic, Electrical Project Engineer.
Lend Lease

“We have used J & P Richardson Industries for over 30 years and we have used them on 98% of our projects. In fact, on the few occasions where we’ve tried to use other contractors, the outcomes have not been satisfactory.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve had JPR work on countless large and complex jobs that are technically difficult…JPR always does great work.

They have great people working for them; technically they are very competent, and contractually there are never any issues. I find their pricing competitive, particularly considering the high quality they consistently deliver. Richos are proactive- if there’s something wrong with a design, they’ll spot it and sort it out. They won’t just identify the issue, they’ll offer a solution. We get them to do both design and construct – it’s seamless that way.

JPR’s reputation in our market is excellent.”

Terry Cogill, Owner.
Bielby Holdings

“They have a good track record, they’ve worked across diverse industries over many years. If it’s a complicated job, you can have confidence if JPR is on the job.This particularly applies to electrical control systems – a lot of clients reps and most engineers aren’t fully across these works with generally having a civil background – they just want the work done well. With anything involving high risk (high voltage, plant control), we need a level of trust in our electrical contractor.

JPR knows what they’re doing, they are technically competent, and they have quite experienced people. They can work effectively without full-time supervision. The inherent confidence we have in JPR flows down to the client level…so everyone’s happy.”

Patrick Newall, General Manager, Utilities, Water.


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